Energy Leverage℠ provides a turnkey solution for smaller businesses that saves money and brings an unprecedented level of visibility into your electricity usage. It brings a level of energy management to small businesses that has heretofore been available only to very large businesses. This allows you to focus on your business and know that your energy is being managed by experts you can trust. We provide the following services as part of the Energy Leverage℠ package:

  • Installation of the eMonitor™ software package - This provides for a deep understanding of how electricity is used in your facility. All the other steps in the process depend on this key data.
  • Audit of existing utility bills - We determine whether you are on the most advantageous electric tariff for your business and usage patters. We verify that you are being billed accurately by your utility.
  • Retail Electric Supply procurement - We will procure and negotiate on your behalf the best retail electric rate for your business. The best option for you depends on a number of factors, and we will do the detailed analysis to help you make the best choice.
  • Behavioral Energy Conservation - We will use the data from the monitoring tool to make recommendations specific to your facility about patterns in your energy use and ways that simply modifying employee behavior can save lot’s of money. We help you with strategies to implement those changes.
  • Financing - We will help you to find financing for any energy projects that are more than your current capital improvement budget can afford.
  • Incentives - We will help you take advantage of any and all federal, state, local orutility incentives to help you manage energy costs. Many incentive programs can be hard to understand or even (too often) not well publicized. We will explore the applicability of incentives from a number of different sources and help you to take advantage of those that will benefit you.