Solar Proposal Comparison

Do you have a several bids or proposals for your solar project? Not sure how to select the correct one? Feel like you are comparing apples to oranges? Do you ask yourself any of the following questions?

apple and orange.jpg
  • Each proposal has different solar panels, which is better? Does it matter?
  • The payback times for my proposals are different, why?
  • Should I keep the SREC's or give them to the installer? 
  • Should I use cost per watt as the best measure?  
  • I have different PPA rates and escalators, which is best for me?  
  • Should I own or lease?
  • Are they telling me the truth? 

We are now offering a fixed price service where we will analyze your different proposals and help you decide which is the best choice for your circumstances and goals. Get the advice of an independent 3rd party so that you make the RIGHT choice on your investment.

We provide independent, unbiased expertise. 

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Solar and Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies and Project Consulting

Solar photovoltaic is a powerful technology that can save your organization on electric bills, control budgetary risk and demonstrate your organizations leadership.  Better still, because there are no ongoing inputs (like fuel) and virtually no moving parts, a solar installation is nearly a "set it and forget it" technology that pays for itself in a matter of years.

At the same time, the design, financing and economics of solar energy can make it a daunting project to undertake for many businesses, non-profits and government entities.  This is where a top-notch solar energy developer like Tipping Point Renewable Energy thrives.  We have the experience and expertise to help you understand:

  • technology options available
  • the economics of solar energy
  • the tax and depreciation effects of solar projects
  • other state and federal incentives that might benefits you

While this analysis is all part of our project development process for our clients who are sure they want to develop a solar power project, we also understand that many organizations would rather explore the options available to them.  With that in mind, we are now offering our experience and expertise in solar energy project development on a consulting basis. 

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